Form embedded in web page don't open directly in mobile browser

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Hello Dears,


I have created a survey form in Microsoft forms and embedded it in a web page, the form is work fine in the web page when browsing from desktop but while browsing it from mobile browser in shows Microsoft forms back ground as below:

from the desktop browser it open fine like this:



I want it to open on the mobile directly as in the desktop version, please advise


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@ghinamt unfortunately at the moment there is no way around this. That's how it functions on a mobile device. :slightly_frowning_face: you haven't done anything wrong at all, it's just not working in the same way on a mobile unfortunately! 

@Megan_V_Walker  sad to heard that, is there any attempting to solve that in the near future?

and thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi @ghinamt 


Only happens on Android devices at the moment. iPhone and other devices should be ok.


A sad limitation that I hope it fixed for a seamless experience on any device!


Cheers and best wishes


@Damien Rosario the issue is presented in iPhone mobiles also, as we checked it from both android and iPhone devices. 

Hi @ghinamt 


A strange issue as it works fine for me on iPhone 11 which I used today to test on a website that has an embedded Form in it.


If allowed, do you have a link to share for testing purposes?




@Damien Rosario  check your inbox please, I shared a test link 

Hi there

I did a test on iPhone 10 and iPhone 7 and both work fine and I was able to see the customer survey in both instances as expected.

As far as I know the issue you describe is only on android phones and others work as expected.

If your iPhones are not working either, it may be a device Or security setting (I’m not aware of which setting as I don’t have the issue on any of my devices).

Hope that helps in some small way to narrow down the issue.

Cheers and best wishes