Form Date extracting data to sharepoint using flow etc.

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I have a form called "Report work dates"

In this form i use the question type "dates" so the user can pick a date.


Then i use Microsoft Flow to extract the data from the Form and us that data to input into a list in Sharepoint.

But in sharepoint i must select a TEXT column in the list for the date to be imported to the list with Flow.

I can not make the date from Forms go into a Date column in sharepoint.


This means i can not populate a sharepoint calendar with a Form answer.


This sucks!

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@Oskar Kuus Just wondering if you made any progress with this? I've got the same issue extracting the date from MS Forms and inputting this as a list item.

@Oskar Kuus 


Helo, I have the same issue.


any answer about this?




I'd offer two things here that may be of help.   I've had to transform the date format that's captured in Forms before so that it can be inserted into SharePoint

  1. Use the ConvertTimeZone action in your Flow to convert the Flow captured date into the correct format (detailed here)
  2. Ensure that your SharePoint DateTime field is set to Date only

Hope that helps