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Filling out Forms remotely from Unity

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I am trying to enter information and submit it to a Microsoft Form from Unity. There is documentation on how to do this using Google Forms which I have successfully implemented: 

User Feedback Survey (updated) - How to Send Unity Data to Google Forms using UnityWebRequest - YouT...


But when I tried to replicate this process with Microsoft Forms, nothing was posted to the form. I believe my issue is coming from finding the correct "entry ID" where the user would input their answer. In the tutorial above, you must "Inspect" the Google Forms web page and find the html object that holds the answer box that the user wants to select and fill out. I have tried doing this with Microsoft Forms:

Screenshot 2023-12-26 073208.png



I have tried using the re0eb0.... string as well as adding in "QuestionID_" "QuestionInfo_" and "validationError" but I still am not successful.  


Does anyone have experience with this? 

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@epeters775 Microsoft Forms doesn't work the same way as Google Forms. It's not possible to complete the form remotely in the way you've described.


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