File Upload OneDrive Email Alerts

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While testing File Upload for Forms, Personal Forms automatically started sending me "USER NAME uploaded files to your request for FORM NAME" emails that the files were uploaded to OneDrive. To test, I wanted to see what was behind the "Unsubscribe" link and rather than additional options, it immediately stated "We'll stop emailing you about this type." And then stopped ... but there appears to be no way to re-activate. Even creating a new Form. It appears to be permanently off ... :( /_layouts/15/UnsubscribeAlert.aspx... Is there a way to turn them back on ??


Alerts in OneDrive would be an awesome addition in general. For Group Forms, users can create alerts on a library, folder or File. I would love Alert functionality in OneDrive in general.

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In case anybody is reading this, you can enable/disable these settings via the notification settings under the account that owns the form.   The only way I've found how to get to those notifications is to wait for one of the sharepoint notification emails, and click "Notification Settings" on the bottom right corner. You can then turn on/off "Email notification when others upload files to your file requests"