File upload fails on form after moving to a group

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I have an expenses form which requests upload of up to two forms. It has been on my account and I am moving to a new role.

I followed the descripion in but now find the upload file wont save, it gives an error "File Upload question seems missing some information, please try to reload this page or recreate the question"

I assume its something to do wit permissions on the group file location (ie users dont have permission to upload as per normal which go to my onedrive.


Any suggestions as we are now stuck with a broken form and no way of getting it back to a person other than copy and then re-attach the workflow?

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I have now copied and re-attached the Power Automate and tested OK. I can only assume that the destination group for Forms needs to have public access or cannot allow upload. It would be good to get some more ideas from fellow Forms users.