Feeding a Forms spreadsheet into OneDrive by Power Automate.

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When we create a form in Microsoft Forms it automatically generates a column "Name" and another "Email", which refer to the "name" and "email" of the logged in user or who is responding to the form. In my case, I created a file in Excel, added it to Onedrive and via Power Automate created the form's data feed in that file. It turns out that this column "Name" which is automatically generated by forms, does not appear for us to use in Power Automate and we feed this file that is on OneDrive, can anyone tell me how to solve it?

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@FLAVIO_O_C_S you can add an Office 365 Users action into your flow with the input being Responder's Email. And from that, in the dynamic content box you can get the Given Name and Surname of the responder to use in subsequent actions.


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