Extract URL from file upload question in Flow from Microsoft form

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I have an MS flow approval workflow for a form and I am using the new file upload feature. I'm trying to get the URL path to files to display correctly when sent in the email body using flow. 


At the moment inputting the dynamic expression for the file upload returns something like the below


[{"name":"file_name_uploader name.pdf","link":"","id":"01SRUKHVHWF2EPTNWXGRFJG2OJLGWEP4U3","type":null,"size":53051,"referenceId":"01SRUKHVHVSSRUV4ZAEVC32ET433VDJFEI","driveId":"b!fIPurN8Gv0KRaCyuRrHjC9jY71Bph9dEih0_Lpx16CbadVWIm1v3SYdD_VMzYe5M","status":1,"uploadSessionUrl":null}]


Is there an Azure logic expression or another way to extract just the link to the file?



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@BolaMSS  the blog post at shows you how to parse the JSON and get the url.


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I did manage to get the URLs. But can you please help me to find the way to add those multiple URLs to a single column in SharePoint List??