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  • I have a form with multiple likert questions that all have the same statements.  (See example screen shot below - note this is not the actual form but just exemplarily).
  • The problem is when these answers get exported to excel the question is NOT exported along with the tiems.  E.G., the "Session 1" vs "session 2" text is NOT exported and ONLY the likert statement with a number at the end - e.g., "Item1", "Item2" (see second screen shot) 
  • So the only way tell tell which statements go with which question is by knowing the exact order in which they appear in the form - this is not ideal because:
    1. I will have at least 10 of the same likert questions and it will be time consuming and mistake prone to mark which statements in the excel go with the specific questions
    2.  As soon as I duplicate a question or re-arrange the order the numbers get out of order!  So item2 might not actually go with "question 2".  Not only that Statement1 might be in-between Statement4 and Statement2 - just completely out of order.  Then the only way to know which items go with which question is to fill out the form and triangulate the answers.  I have had to do this before and its pretty tedious.,  (exported another screen shot from a different form)
      1. And I have tried deleting the excel, making a copy of the fortm, etc. to make the order sync up again but this does not work
      2. I know that I could tweak the statement slightly for each question -  but that seems messy and not ideal from a form filler end. 

Is there something obvious I am missing here?  Any work arounds to suggest? Or functionality I am missing??  

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@jennydkatz assuming you don't want to build a flow to save each response into a SharePoint list which would overcome your issue, the way I would do it is that for question 1 the statements would be

1A. Timeliness
1B. Length
1C. Content


Then the same for question 2:


2A. Timeliness

2B. Length

2C. Content


and so on.


If you do build a flow then this method of naming the statements will also help you identify the correct statement for saving into the SharePoint list or an Excel spreadsheet.


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Thank you @RobElliott for the response!  I appreciate the suggestion. Though -  you are right - I would prefer not to have to build a flow/sharepoint list as the actual survey is a little bit more involved (6 likert questions with 10-18 statements each, etc.) And would prefer to keep it on the simple side.  However, will toy around with your suggestion nonetheless and see how that goes. 

Also, do you have a suggestion for how to get the question items in the right order at least?