Display Office 365 Username when enter email address

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How come we automatically display the Office 365 username and other profile field when user enter their email address into the MS Forms?

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Hi @EugeneBoon 


Forms cannot do O365 look ups.


Alternatively, if the form is organisation only, you can take the submitted form and use Power Automate to access the responders data and save it to SharePoint, manipulate it, etc.


If the form is for anyone to fill in, you can capture the email address and use it to do an O365 look up in Power Automate.




@Damien Rosario  Thank you for the respond.


As per your knowledge, with Power Automate, do you think it is able to do retrieve O365 Info, while the users filling the MS Form? what we are trying to do is to have some field in MS Form auto filled/populated with O365 details for user inside organization


For user inside organization
1. User enter Name in MS Form 

2. Info such as other details Department, Contact Number, Email. Company Name auto populated


For user outside organization

1. all field is manually entered.


As i check the MS Form trigger for power automate is after the form submitted. 

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Hello @EugeneBoon 


No it wouldn't work in the form in real time.


When I use the Form and Power Automate when the form is set to my organisation only, I leave out questions like First/Last name, Department, Phone, etc as Office 365 already knows who that person is.


When they submit the form:


1. Use trigger When a new response is submitted to flag the new submission.

2. Use action Get response details to retrieve the data.




3. Then use Get user profile (V2) to source the persons Office 365 attributes to use as needed (use their email address).


4. Add attributes as needed.




As your form sounds to be configured for internal/external responders, you would use the Email field to do the look up in the Get user profile (V2). You can also add a condition in to say if the email is external, do this, and if it's internal, do this.


Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll be happy to step you through it.


Good luck


@Damien Rosario thanks for the feedback,


You made a valid point, for internal organization users we might not required them to fill in the info as we already have the o365 and we just have populate it using flow.



Hi @EugeneBoon 


Yes, internal staff are easy since Forms will do all the work for you. Very handy and the flow option I've described will help you take their O365 attributes and do what you need to do with them.


Best wishes with this. Hope it all goes well for you and have a great week ahead!