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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to previously eliminate the score and comments columns, since when downloading the spreadsheet only the response columns are necessary and it makes my spreadsheet of only 10 response columns, have more than 30 columns, for example, below I show an extract of my template downloaded in forms



Total de puntos	<-delete
Comentarios del cuestionario	<-delete
Indícanos tu nombre	<-keep this
Puntos: Indícanos tu nombre	<-delete
Comentarios: Indícanos tu nombre	<-delete
Indícanos tu rut	<-keep this
Puntos: Indícanos tu rut	<-delete
Comentarios: Indícanos tu rut <-delete



I hope you can help me Thank you

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@mpojeda Not with the spreadsheet behind the form. You would need to build a flow in Power Automate that adds just the columns you want to a different spreadsheet on One Drive.


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