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Hello, I know this has already been asked, but there has been no answer to satisfy everyone's need. It is very important that you allow users to create folders within forms to organize their Forms dashboard. The whole point of Office 365 and OneDrive is organization and Forms does not live up to this. Whether in business, or education, it is extremely important to be able to organize our documents, or in this case, Forms, so that we can easily find them. The search feature is good, but I, and most other Forms users, have so many forms that we don't always recall the name of the specific form that we need to either resend, or duplicate to share with another person, or institution. I work with 12 campuses and send survey forms on every training that I give. I am able to copy the same survey form, but I have to keep the results separate. If I could create a campus folder and inside a Survey folder, quiz folder, etc... this would make my life and others easier.

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I agree this would be really welcome and help organize Forms! It's a popular request on the feedback site, it's worth voting and adding a comment, if you haven't already, to register your interest in this feature.  


To have options for creating folders in Forms

I agree, when you start to use forms and quizzes more, in an educational environment you need to get sorted into topics, or lesson, it really does look messy. I know the leading search engine provider has that ability with their cloud drive and forms.

So lets step in the right direction, folders for forms please, even if you have to create a folder in your one drive, and call it Forms and then your can create sub folders for topics an lessons  and save them in it.

I think also that should have something like folders to organize Forms. I work in elementary school and I have 4 to 5 classes in a year. Plus, sometimes I have educations for teacher and Forms are a bit messy ... Folders would be great and simple solution.

Another voice for folders of Forms. This is really a necessity if you use them seriously. What if there were a similar restriction on using Word or PowerPoint documents. We would go crazy. Please let us organize our Forms into folders.

I am still waiting for this to happen in May of 2019. I need this update pushed through if possible!!

Just adding another vote for folders within forms.  We use forms for course surveys and we have a lot of courses!

Me too, voting for folders with Forms - I need to get mine organised.

Hey, another vote here for folders within Forms. @Jesus Morales 

@Jesus Morales Do you know if anyone in this thread or the many others I have seen regarding the same topic is a Microsoft person who can actually make this happen?  How do we get this in front of someone who can act?

One more vote to create a folder for well organizing quiz under Microsoft form

@Jesus Morales 

I whole-heartedly agree that a method for organizing Forms is absolutely necessary.  I initially viewed Forms as an awesome classroom tool, however I am now discovering that I am spending far too much time locating previously made forms.  Help MS!

@Jesus Morales I agree. There needs to be a filing system of folder within Microsoft Forms.

@Jesus Morales - I'll add my vote too.  I work for a University that are starting to use forms and already unless I use some sort of naming convention it is going to be difficult to find the right form.

@Jesus Morales I agree. I saw that this request was opened a while ago. We are by the end of January and I haven't seen anyone from MS giving us a prospect. Do you know where to address this to receive a response?


On the other hand, I have seen that MS Teams alows to create folders and when you want to move a form the folders created there appear on the right hand side of the screen. I don't know whether that could be the solution


@manuhernandez - just checked out the MS Teams option and this appears that it might be the way forward for us.  It would be nice to be able to see a list of forms in MS Teams though.

@Jesus Morales bumping thread...I do find it very lacking that their is no option to organize anything within the dashboard. I've attempted to move particular Quizes from Forms to a shared channel within Teams, but when I have attempted this it does not allow me to reverse the decision.  For organization this is vital as the amount of documents I am now housing is becoming very cumbersome. 

@Nogoatsnoglory and there is exactly the same problem with Power Automate as well. I now have something like 300 flows, some for training, some live, some closed but no way to organise them in folders. Forms and Power Automate are gaining traction all the time and really, really need this folder ability.


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We are beyond 2 years and counting on this request. What is the point of these forums if Microsoft does not address the most popular requests?

I agree with @Gordon_Chiu! It is time to move on and to add this missing feature.