Creating an Calendar event from a form submission

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I have been trying to create an event calendar invite to "responder" of a form for a workshop. However although my list allows the field to have date & time. the MS Form does not allow that. This means that the automate flow can not find or will not find the date and time required from two separate form fields and combine to create the invite. 


Is there a way that MS Forms allows Date & Time to be populated in one question or the automate flow to bring the date from field and the time from another to enter into the start time and End Time of the "create event (v4)". 

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@mFarmer88 do you really need to create the event or, instead, do you just want to send an invite (with RSVP) for an already-created event - created in Outlook and set as a Teams meeting - to the person who has selected one or more events in the form? The latter is certainly do-able in Power Automate and we use it at my company for people to sign up for courses. If that is what you want I'll do the screenshots of the flow.



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