Checking if multiple responses are from the same person why anonymous is used in Form settings

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I'm afraid I may already know the answer to this question, but figure it is worth checking.


I have ran a form, which we set up to be anonymous (and intend to keep it this way). To try and prevent resistence, and allow respondents to complete the form without logging in we selected "anyone can respond" in the form settings.


Frustratingly this means they there is a link to submit another response. We accepted this and moved on.


However it now appears that one respondent has answered the question many times (based on responses and timestamps), skewing the results. Is there a way to check if it was the same person who entered these responses, or the same instance, same device? To be clear I do not want to find the identity of the respondents, I am just hoping there may be a way to confirm my suspicion so that I can get meaningful information from the responses.


Thanks in advance.

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@Shane_NZ an anonymous form is just that and there is no way to find out who submitted each response. The device, ip address, email address etc etc are not recorded or saved anywhere.


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