Cash App closed my account for no reason

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Ever since November, I have been enjoying the use of Cash App w/ my Cash Card. I have made tons of purchases and have never had a single problem. If I had questions, I’d ask the support team - which would give me answers right away. There was a time when I entered my payment information into the wrong site and got my card stolen, but I fixed it up and we were back in business.


But now today Cash App has closed my account for no **bleep**ing reason [***(909) 340-9227 ***]and just told me I violated the terms of service. I asked support what the hell was going on and they just directed me to my email support team which hasn’t said anything to me at all about this situation. I hadn’t been doing anything out-of-pocket, just sending & receiving payments and paying bills. Now I don’t even know what I’ll do because I need money NOW as these bills come up within the next couple of weeks.


I never did anything personally to violate the TOS; it’s like they just closed my account without reason. I didn’t recall breaking any rules on purpose and they didn’t even help me with support. Now I have to create a new account and start all over.


Is anyone else having their accounts closed for no reason? {***(909) 340-9227 ***} I’m here to start a discussion and find answers.

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