Can't add "upload file" option to Microsoft Form

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Hi experts,


Need your advise and help for the below.


I am facing some issue while creating a simple e-form to collect data from our internal staff and seeking advise from experts here. We would like to add "upload file" option to the form so that the staff can submit the relevant supporting document. However, when I added the "upload file" option, the error message of "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource" pop up. The options will be removed even though I clicked ok and I already set "Only people in my organization can respond". 


Where and how I setup for the permission for such request? Appreciated for your help and advise in advance.




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Have the same problem...the user that create the Form is global admin in O365 but still cant add an option "Upload File"...every time i try the "Access denied" is thrown. The setting are "Only people in my organization can respond" in Forms and i checked if a setting exist in sharepoint for this but found nothing. Thanks in advance for your help guys

I've also got this issue, or more specifically I have users with this exact problem while my account does not. Nothing obviously different between accounts.

Same issue over here with a newly created account. For other accounts “file upload” option works fine!. Any help would be appreciated!.
Same issue here.
Other accounts are fine, only one account that is having this issue.

@automator all accounts have the same issue. 

@zenyong I'm also having the same issue! Has anyone had any luck in solving it? Thanks!

@jacintahouzer , Not yet. Hope someone can assist me on this technical issue. Last time I did the same in my previous company, everything went smooth. I am not sure this issue caused by this ID or there is any changes at Microsoft Form.

@zenyong I am having the same issue.  I find if you move the form to a "group" you can add the upload component.  However, it does not show up in power automate when you move it to a group.  

Also having the same problem.. @zenyong 

The same issue for all users. I followed the recommendation in this URL
but the same issue:pensive_face:

You can use Forms inside a groupe in power automate, just use the FlowID and not the name.

I am facing the same problem. Was anyone able to get a solution ?
The problem is that. Sharepoint is not able to create the folder. When the form is inside a groupe they are able to create..hence it works. When with user it doenst tried a lot of things..but doesnt work
The only solution that i have is use Forms inside a group, it works
Have the same problem... If you find the solution, could you comment here?



Has anyone contacted Microsoft yet ?? Any inputs or a fix would help.

I have the same issue! if any one of you got it resolved, Please share it would be much appreciated. @zenyong 

@iman321 Yes, if you move it to a group it will work. Move.PNG