Calculated Percentages do not work

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Calculated totals for some questions are not working

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Hi Martin Can you please describe the scenario? And have you logged a ticket with Microsoft? Cheers Damien

Good morning Damian. How would I go about logging a ticket?

As I say in my document, I am a teacher working in a college in England and I am an advocate of Office 365 and Teams Education. The Form in question, but it isn’t isolated to the example that I gave, was created in Office 365, within my education account, and was distributed to a class of students as a Teams Assignment, a feature that has recently become available. Do I raise the ticket with the Forms team or do I raise the ticket with the Teams team?





How do I do a survey like so someone can respond with a percentage: How much time do you send with your client? In person. |. Phone. |. 20%. 80%