Bug with forms where previous responses are displayed as questions

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I have a problem with a form I created where answers to previous responses are being displayed as questions. This is from the perspective of a user trying to fill in the form.


The original questions are being replaced by answers other users keyed in as you can see.FormsBug.png


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Thanks for your feedback. @mayunga 

Does every responder see the "questions" converted from previous submitter's answers? Or only one specific case? 

Did you see any other forms hit the same strange issue?

Thank you @Yuanquan for the reply. Every user accessing the form to submit a response sees another user's previous response as a question. Example: 

Question... Date of Birth will be replaced with a response of another user

Is this form shared in-org only or share to anyone?

It's for an organization that doesn't have all its users on Office 365 so it's shared to everyone.

Does any of other forms see the same issue?

No. Other forms don't have the same issue. Only this one form has this issue. Duplicating the form and correcting the questions seems to fix this issue.

When exporting the responses from the original form to excel, the fields are also messed up

Great appreciation for your reply. We are investigating this issue. Will come back to you if I have any update. Thanks.

Thank you @Yuanquan. Much appreciated

W've heard customers do this before, is that you accidentally sent out the collaborate url instead of the collecting response url.  The responder isn’t familiar with forms, opens it up, and actually is messing with the design form.


Could you please check with url did you send out to the responder?

Also would you mind sharing some screenshots about the excel file which you said is messed up due to this. Thanks.@mayunga 

Hello @Yuanquan,

I also have the same idea that the person who shared might have shared the collaboration url but denies. Since there has been no such issue with other forms, I think that the problem might just be that.

Here's a screenshot of the Excel. The fields mared in red are the replaced fields:



@Yuanquan Hi, I have the same problem. and I'm not sharing the editable link. 

I tried with the send and collect responses link and with the share as a template link, both of them show the previous answers.

@Yuanquan we are facing similar issue in my Organisation in Forms while collecting responses it replaces the Question sometimes

Hello, @mayunga 


Was this issue ever fixed as we have found the same thing happen with one of our forms, they have the responses url and their answers have replaced all the questions.

Hello @Sarah1640 

I was not given a straight solution to this issue.

Not sure if it's been fixed.

I've got the same issue. For me it's weird because I did an initial long form, and then wanted to split it into 2 forms. So I cloned it and then split it into two halves - that is, I deleted the first half of questions from Form 1 and on Form 2 deleted the 2nd half of question, with no overlap in questions. Then I had a user fill in Form 2 and its changed all the question on Form 1 with the first lot of responses from Form 2. So seems in my case to be related to the duplication of the forms.