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Hello - I am building out a MS Forms survey using branching logic. It has the following flow:


Q1. Are you in X industry or Y industry?

Q2. Enter Guest Name

Q3. Enter Guest Phone Number

Q4. Enter Guest Email Address


Here is where I want to add in the logic... if answer to Q1 was X, I want it to go to Q5, but if answer to Q1 was Y I want it to skip down to Q8. I can't seem to figure this out.


Any suggestions?


Additionally, if there is a way to just have 3 text fields in Question 2 that would be it could just capture name/phone number/email all in one question...

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@kcsmcbc you should change question 1 to a choice question, re-phrase it and have an option for each possible answer. You can then branch depending on the answer.





You can have all 3 following questions in 1 text question but won't be able to set any restrictions (e.g. it must be a number), but make sure you turn on the long answer toggle.

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