Branching function not working on Microsoft Forms

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I am currently building a survey for a marketing class and I would like to use the branching function to make people skip some questions depending on their answer. Here is the link to the survey:


Here is what I want to do.

1) If someone answers "i do not consume dairy products" on question 4, they would skip every question from question 5 to 14 (so they would have to answer question 15).

2) If someone answers "no" to question 15, they would skip question 16 and go to question 17.


I have tried multiple things, but nothing seems to be working. When I go into the preview, I can only see the first 4 questions of the survey. However, if i reset the form and delete all branching, I can see all 20 questions. Any idea how I can fix this?


Thank you very much!



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