Attachments in Microsoft Forms

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Hello Forms community, 


Is it possible to add any attachments to a form? If not, is there any workaround using MS flow or other tools to include attachments?

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Currently, no. It is being worked on thou last I had scene the roadmap from Ignite.
Hi guys!

They actually updated the uservoice this month to working on it! One of the biggest uservoices on the Forms site -

No ETA at present, and asking for feedback on the site - so it’ll take some time.

Maybe a SharePoint form is a workaround if only within the organisation for now?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks for your feedback. Is there a way to embed/copy the form into SharePoint or would I have to build it out from scratch?

AFAIK you would need to build it out from scratch.

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher Hoard,


I have made a FORM with the possibility to attach files but it can only be fulfilled by people of my organization. Do you know if there exits the possibility to give access to this FORM to people from outside the organization enabling the file attachment?


Thank you for your time

Hit this problem ourselves this week. Looks like it isn't possible to have an externally accessible form with attachments. Very annoying.