Attachment upload field in Forms

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Hi all- has anyone figured out a way to add an attachment option when creating a Microsoft Form, or has Microsoft given a timeline on when this will be available? Thanks!

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Hello all,


Do we have any update on having attachment feature in Forms?? Whats the ETA on it for US users?



@t-beck  Still waiting in Canada

When will this be available for 365 Forms and not just Microsoft Pro Forms?


Yes, it is available now. You can upload files to your form created using Microsoft forms platform.

Check below link for more details:



Is the attachment feature available in the education tenant as well? I don't see the feature yet. Any idea when it will be available in US region? Thank you for the help!



can you pls confirm, that upload is only possible when logged in the O365 environment?

Can you share this upload-forms with anyone out in the world? Or must they have a O365 account?


THX, best regards from austria





As mentioned in above conversations some of the people are using the file upload in their Education tenant. I am not sure about is it available for education tenant in US region or not as it is still rolling for some regions and O365 plans.

File Upload control is available only when you select "Only people in my organization can respond" in the form settings for option "Who can fill out this form".

So Yes, this control is not available when you share this form externally. Only people in your organization with O365 account can leverage this functionality.


file upload limitations.png






we have "Only people in my organization can respond" Selected and still don't have the option.

@Robert Barbrow Thanks everyone for the posts. Its very disappointing that Microsoft hasn't done anything to communicate this key change to the service.



Thank you for that info. No good news. So finally i have to choose jotforms instead...


@Robert ...Then I am afraid that it might not have been rolled out in your region or possibly in your tenant yet.
It's only available for forms that are restricted to your organisation/needing to be logged in to. If the form is public (no login needed) then it won't work.

I'd love for it to work for public forms. Hoepfully that happens too

@Angus McPherson 

What a shame! I didn't check that one. It would be great winner when it works both internally & externally.

Hope that would come through as well? Soon!!

+1 for the ability to have this in a public form, we really need this

Apparently the ability to attach files to forms is finally rolling out this month to everyone. It's still not showing in our tenant but I'm hoping it will soon.

@Chris Webb Hi it is now possible with last update but why is it only available for internal use and not for public forms? I’d like to use a form for applicants and still have to use thirty party application.



This Feature is available now and you can use it easily, But I have one comment for the link on excel sheet, It is not working direct, You have to copy the link and past it on browser to open it.


I hope Microsoft solve this issue soon.



@ganeshsanap  - Do we know if this is a future extension?  I really wanted to use Forms/Power Automate for an intake process but if attachments from external people aren't allowed I'll have to use 2 seperate (and more painful to set up) programs. 


Really this question to anyone.