anyone else getting this error 631 message?

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Curious if anyone is seeing this?forms error.jpg

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Let me know if you are still facing this error, this issue is resolved now.
It was working again a few hours ago when I checked. Thank you!
We had it the other day, but it finally stopped on its own. Today though, I'm getting sporadic reports of it from some of my teachers.



We seem to be getting this error as well for some of our staff any ideas what this is?





We seem to be getting this error as well for some of our staff any ideas what this is?



We are currently getting this error as well.  Is there a resolution for it yet?

hi Nickie - can you please share the screenshot or the session id with us?

Here are three examples of the errors we are receiving.


Forms Error 1.PNGForms Error 2.PNGForms error 3.PNG

thanks Nickie. I have shared it with my team, we will troubleshoot the issue and get back to you.
Hi Nickie - We have fixed this issue, can you try accessing the form again? We figured that you co-owned this form with another user, who was the owner of the form and have left the organization.

Hi I am also receiving the exact same error message and the IT team at my college dont know how to fix it?

It let me create one form, but wont let me duplicate it or create any more forms after this one?

Me, too, but in our case we get it when a user tries to submit a form:



I have the same problem.



I have same problem today.

Session id: cd2ed2fd-17e8-4699-aca2-efc89b8db5bc, Correlation id: 343c6856-fdff-468f-aba2-8819049dd43d 




We also have it here, just by starting the forms app

This morning. Just when we were going to use a very important form.. The same error as the rest here stopped us from using it. And we even decided to stop using Google Forms and use MS Forms..


But what was the solution? The Fix? Do we just need to wait?

Same problem over here. It started this morning. :(



Same problem here.