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is it possible to somehow change the settings in MS Forms to "not-anonymous"?


I created a form where for participants to sign up for an event. They should insert their personal information etc. and I can see all of that except the e-mail address. I created a power automate workflow to write the data from forms in excel and it works except for the e-mail addresses.


I need the information about the e-mail address to send the participants further information about the event.


I would be glad if someone could help me.



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@simonpeuter the settings are either "anyone can respond" or only people in your organisation can respond". So if anyone can respond and you need their email address you must ask for that in a text  question. Forms has no way of knowing their address otherwise.


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If the participants are not from your organization then you will have to set the form to anyone can respond and add the field to collect email id in the form. However if the participants are from your organization, then set it to people from my organization can respond, then the form will give you the email ids of the respondents.
Hey Rob,

thanks for your reply. It was already set to "anyone can respond" and the email address was a text question. I was trying to use power automate to extract the data and found there was a bug in there which set the addresses to anonymous. :)

@simonpeuter not correct, if it is set to "anyone can respond" then the form response abd spreadsheet  will ALWAYS show it as Anonymous. It is not a bug, it is by design. That is why you need a question that specifically asks for the responder's email address and get that as part of your flow.


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