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Adding a long drop-down list

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I'm creating a Form and have a long list of employees in an Excel file already. I'd like to be able to copy that list and paste it in MS Forms instead of having to input each name one-by-one. Is there a way to do that?

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Hi @ayoshimura 

Yes, just make sure that your question is marked as dropdown and just make a copy and paste, see the attachment as an example.


Hope this helps.


@jaymaradiaga WOW! Thank you!

@jaymaradiaga Thank you!! You've saved me a lot of time.

I wish there was an option to search or start typing and get results on this long  drop-down lists.

Hi @Olga Melo 

Great! I'm glad to help.




Hi @jaymaradiaga,

I've a long list with hundreads records to insert in a drop down box in the Forms. It is possible? I access the public link form and the results don't appear! It takes time to fill?
thank you

@ruiestves @Olga Melo having hundreds of items in a dropdown list is a terrible experience for the user. You would be better to use Power Apps where you can have cascading dropdowns or  have a search box to filter the list based on the letters you type. It's a much better user experience.


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@RobElliott , the downside to Powerapps is that you can't make it public! 

@Olga Melo actually you can but you need to use Power Apps portals and  that comes at a price:


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Thank you @RobElliott
I se is just possible a list of 250 itens in a dropdown menu. I know is nos a confortable experience for the user, but is a real list of 308 Districts in my country, where the user must choice one.
thank you very much for your sugestions.
Hi Olga,
How many itens have you in your list? How do you solve it?
thank you
Over 800 records. I ended up using survey123, creating cascading dropdowns to facilitate the user experience.
I'll try lime survey
We can embebed Power Apps in a Form 365?

@ruiestves No, you create the form in Power Apps and then either give your users the weblink to it or embed it in a SharePoint page with the Power Apps web part.


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Thank you.
But to publish (to general public) by an URL is not free?

No it's not, as the users would be outside your organisation you can't just give them the web link because it won't work, it has do be done with Power Apps Portals which is not free.

Thank you.