Back to School 2019 - Microsoft Forms for the school year
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Technology in the classroom continues to be critical as we head into the next school year.  At the ISTE 2019 conference, some trends heavily emphasized were digital learning via interactive technologies, accessibility, and the need for immediate feedback.  Microsoft Forms is one such technology that allows all students to participate in learning, engages them for deeper understanding, and provides a timely feedback loop to facilitate faster improvement.  To make the upcoming school year even more effective, Microsoft Forms has many new and improved features spanning across creation, responses, analysis, and integration with other productivity apps.


Forms Creation

  • Branching: Branching now works with Sections. Utilize Branching to create a more personalized assessment.  For example, directing students who get a question wrong down a different path with additional instructions and/or practice questions (see more).
  • Sections – Organize your Forms into separate pages: break forms and quizzes into sections, each with a separate description and content (see more).
  • Intelligence – Microsoft Forms can save you even more time, recommending answers during question creation and analytics insights for the response data (see more 1, see more 2).

Forms Response

  • Immersive reader – (Coming Sept/Oct!) Microsoft Forms will support immersive reader, allowing access for students of any reading ability (see more).
  • Email receipts: Responders can get automatic emails after completing a survey, enabling them to easily return directly to the Form or Quiz to review their responses or grade (see more).
  • Math answer keyboard: Now Students also can use the math keyboard. When answering a Math type question, the keyboard will automatically pop up (see more).


Forms Analysis

  • Auto-updating Excel: Create a Form where results are automatically updated into an online Excel sheet, eliminating the need to re-download a new Excel file after each new response (see more).

Forms Integration

  • Forms in Teams Assignments: Combine the power of Teams and Forms. Now it is even easier to assign and manage Quizzes within your class (see more).
  • Forms integration with Stream: Now you can add interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys directly into a Stream video (see more).
  • Forms in Create new Forms and access recent Forms quickly, directly from the Office portal (see more).


Take a look at the EDU Quick tip video from our EDU group to learn how to create a quiz in just a few simple steps!


In addition, Forms Pro has reached general availability.  Forms Pro brings even more power to Forms with additional features, analytics, and the ability to integrate with business applications.  Forms Pro is also available for EDU customers (see more).


Check out the see more links above for more information and screenshots.  Here's a few:


Branching with sections



Intelligent analytics 

Idea blog_3_Distribution customization insight.png


Intelligent recommend answers


Email receipts



Student Math Keyboard

clipboard_image_0.png integration 



We listen to our users very closely. Please visit our UserVoice site to submit new feature ideas or vote on existing ones. You can also engage with us and other users right here on Tech Community, where we’ll continue to announce the latest releases.

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