Forms for Excel, new experience for Excel survey in Office 365

Introducing Forms for Excel

Forms for Excel, powered by Microsoft Forms, has replaced Excel Survey. This update, available for Office 365 Commercial and Education customers, comes with a modern experience to make it simple and easy to collect information from users in the same organization, to anyone in the world. Forms for Excel includes new features such as response time, responder name, images, videos, themes, and branching logic.


Create Forms for Excel

Use any of the following entry points:

  • OneDrive for Business: Click + New.
  • Document library of modern SharePoint team sites (O365 group backed): Click + New.
  • Excel Online: Click Forms > + New Form. The workbook is stored on OneDrive for Business or modern SharePoint team sites.



Simple and easy to use

Create in minutes - Quickly build a form in your Excel workbook from Excel Online, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.



Send to anyone - Send your form to colleagues or go broad. Keep the Excel workbook response data safe on your OneDrive.



See real time results - See summary result with charts in Microsoft Forms and check real time response data in your Excel workbook.



Who can use "Forms for Excel"?

Office 365 Commercial and Education customers. No change for Office 365 Consumer customers. Learn more.


What does "Forms for Excel" mean for my existing Excel surveys?

All existing Excel surveys will continue to work.


What do I have for my classic SharePoint team sites?

You can still use Excel survey if "external sharing" is enabled for your classic SharePoint team sites.


Where is the data stored?

All data is primarily stored on servers of Microsoft Forms, and all response data is automatically stored in your Excel workbook. Get details about Security and Compliance for Microsoft Forms.


Does "Forms for Excel" depend on external sharing settings in my organization?

Forms for Excel can be used without changing your organization’s sharing settings.


How can I configure "Forms for Excel"?

Office 365 administrators can control how "Forms for Excel" is used in their organization through Microsoft Forms settings. Get more details about how to configure Microsoft Forms.

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Wow....!! very nice features. thanks for the post

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I don't get the difference between Forms for Excel and Microsoft Forms. Does it just create the exportable Excel File by default? How is the permission underneath handled?
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@Ivan Ungerforms for excel means that every submission is immediately updated in the table in the Results file, otherwise it's just the same as Forms.


@Ivan Unger, Forms for Excel is the new experience for legacy Excel survey. As @Steven Collier has mentioned, it is just Microsoft Forms, but when you create the form, it connects to an Excel workbook on your OneDrive for Business / SharePoint Online by default. All the response data will show up in both Microsoft Forms and Excel workbook in real-time.

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Understood. Classic SharePoint List Export with active DataConnection.


How to share acticles from this blog to Linkedin?


@Albert Yin, currently Tech Communities doesn't have native support for Share to Linkedin. Please be free just share the URL of this blog. 

Thanks :)

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How to change the language for the Forms app?

The language for my web browser and Office 365 account are set to English, but Forms is opening in Japanese, with Japanese menu, etc. which I do not understand. All other apps like Mail, Excel remain to open in English.


Hi @Kenneth Chen, thanks for the feedback.

As Microsoft Forms is a web app, it reads locale / language settings from your browers. You could change the default language for your browser, then it will apply to Forms.


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Hi @Zhongzhong Li!


When will this function be availabe for organization-wide Team Sites (/SitePages/, not O365 group backed)??


I checked today and my Team Site still uses the old ugly Excel Surveys.




I have been using Microsoft Forms since July 2016 when it came out in Preview and have been using it across our Education account. I just found out that a group of faculty created an official survey in Survey for Excel just before that and now want to convert it to Microsoft Forms.

Is it possible to take an Excel Online file with Surveys and just convert them to Microsoft Forms? (The biggest thing they want is the time stamp.)




Hi @Ángel Alegre García, yes, we don't have classical team site support yet (non O365 group backed site). It will align will overall SharePoint site and O365 group integration plan.


@Randy Watkins, this is a great feedback. I will bring it back to my team.

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@Zhongzhong Li thanks for your answer!


So... what are exactly MS plans for classical team sites?? Will they be discontinued in favor of O365 group backed sites? Will they get the simpler modern UI from the group sites? Any idea of when will Forms integration arrive to the classical team sites?


Right now I have a team site for my whole organization (non group backed), and I really need the new Forms, but I don’t know if I should move to a group site or not so any advice would be appreciated.


Also, I totally agree with @Randy Watkins. The feature to migrate the old Excel surveys to Forma is very necessary to make the transition easier, so add a +1 from me for that :)




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@Ángel Alegre Garcíathe ability to 'upgrade' a legacy teamsite is coming pretty soon, see https://myignite.microsoft.com/videos/59122


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Is there a way to directly connect Power BI to the results of surveys to get better looking analytics easily? If not, is it on the roadmap?


@Ángel Alegre García, we are working closely with SharePoint team for the solution for classical sites. We have similar problems for other O365 group backed features, e.g. Microsoft Teams. We want to provide aligned solution for all these features.



@Gerard GUINANE, if you want to generate a live Power BI report, the current solution is build up the connection via the live Excel workbook.

We do have plan forPower BI directly connection in our backlog after we improve the feature in Excel / OneDrive / SharePoint.