We are thrilled to announce that our new feature, email confirmation receipt has been available for all commercial customers. 


Form designers can allow respondents to receive an email receipt of their responses by checking, “Send email receipt to respondents” in ...”- Settings - Notification. 




Form respondents will then see the option, “Send me an email receipt of my responses,” just above the submit button. If selected, respondents will receive an email with their responses for confirmation after submission. 




Respondents will receive a confirmation email, which includes a thank you message and link to view their responses. 




Any limits to the email receipt feature? 

Email receipt is only available when your respondents belong to your organization and you've checked "Record Name" in Settings. 

What will happen if I delete the form or responses to the form? 

Respondents will no longer be able to access their responses via the link they receive in the confirmation email. 

Where can I provide feedback for this feature? 

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think via this survey.

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Awesome feature we were really waiting for especially when registering for an event a confirmation e-mail is very useful. Thanks!

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It is mind-boggling that the Forms team continues to release new features and still have not addressed the lack of any support for logging out once a form has been completed. They have known of this issue for over two years, with no action or viable workaround. This remains a huge issue, and completely incomprehensible as to why it has not been addressed. It is simply not viable to use the Forms product in any shared-device environment including many schools, and this is a huge privacy defect in the product. Clearly this is a product in active development. Microsoft leadership should feel ashamed at the poor management of this product and the continuing pains this glaring defect imposes on customers.
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Is this feature working ok for users? I don't get any emails with my responses once I submit them.

Have checked the "Record Name" in Settings.


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@jmramos, I just tested this feature on a sample form I use for teaching and it worked.  I got the email confirmation and could click to see the results.

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@Jeffrey Allen Thanks for confirming. I don't know why I'm not getting them, still same issue. Anyway as a workaround I created a workflow in MS Flow that sends the responses once received back to the responder's email which works ok. Hope I can find a solution soon.



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Mine is still not showing up. image.png

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Is there any way to enforce that the checkbox for the receipt is enabled by default?

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Not getting responses on my forms. All settings are correct on the form. Is there some Admin setting that needs to be enabled?

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Are there any plans to update the notification feature to notify a Team Channel when the a new response is submitted? Now, we get a daily summary.... even when there are no responses. It is irritating to be distracted when there is nothing to actually see, but we need to know when someone responds. And a notification is so much better than more emails crowding my inbox, especially when a group of people need to see the response.


@Christine Green and @jmramos Have you checked the mail box of Junk email? Or could you preview your forms to check if the check box in response page show up?Picture2.png


By the way, could provide the formid?


@Christine Green  Hi Christine, thanks for your feedback, currently due to the limit of security and compliance, we only support sending email receipt when both designer and respondents consent to the option.



@robertcheney  Hi robertcheney, May I ask whether if you are a government user? If so, the notification section is not enabled on that for the email service is not ready. Thanks!

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@Yong Qiu hah yes, I am. I ended upsing microsoft flow to build a workaround. but it would be great to have that functionality built in. 


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Please can you add the ability for a user to print their responses?


As a form owner, I can print a user's responses, via the ... button. But a user who filled in a form and views their responses can't see that button. When a user tries to Ctrl-P print their form response, they get only a single-page garbled version.

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Is there an ETA of when this will be available for Government tenants?

We are a volunteer organization, and just a few of us have email "inside the organization". So even if email reciept / confirm of action is very fine, we cant use it.  Could you make it work for any email adress?