We’re excited to announce our new feature, Forms Ideas! We’re rolling out this feature and it will soon be available for all customers!


With Forms Ideas, you don’t have to be a data expert, but can get the most out of the data you collected. Here’s an example of what Forms Ideas can do for you:


You just sent out an event survey and collected a great number of responses. Your next step is to analyze the data and find actionable information buried under the mass amount of responses. How do you get started? Easy! Go to the Responses tab and click on Ideas.


Idea blog_2_entry.png


Forms Ideas will now provide you with various insights about your data.


Cross distribution analysis

In this cross distribution analysis example, you can see how attendees from HR, Legal, and Sales are, in comparison, more satisfied with the event than those from Finance.


Idea blog_3_Distribution customization insight.png
You recall the event has a lot of great sessions around the topics in Sales, HR and Legal, but this event has less sessions about Finance. So the attendees who are interested in Finance did not get the information they’re looking for. With this insight, you can conclude that next year’s event you should learn attendees job roles ahead of time and plan sessions to cover topics for all attendees.


Association rule analysis

This is another Forms Idea provides insights across multiple questions. The association rule analysis discovers patterns between questions in the form. It’s intended to identify strong rules discovered in your form using some measures of interestingness. In your survey data, you find that people who thinks the staff was “Extremely friendly” are very likely to be the Promoters. Such information can be used as the basis for decision about marketing activities.


Idea blog_4_association rule analysis.png


Correlation analysis

Correlation analysis is another Forms Idea that shows how there can be a consistent pattern between two questions. For example, you might see that people who answer high in question A always answer high in question B. Or, people who answer high in question C always answer low in question D.


In your event survey, the data shows that attendees who received information prior to the event have a higher NPS score. And the attendees who did not receive enough information prior to the event have a lower NPS score. From this insight, you can conclude that event details should be communicated with participants well ahead of time.


Idea blog_5_Correlation insights_detail chart.png


Sentiment analysis

A plethora of feedback can be daunting to go through, but Forms Ideas helps organize the feedback into 3 buckets: Negative, Neutral, and Positive. In the example of your event, people feel positive about the experience. Among the positive feedback, your customers thought the speaker gave a great speech, and felt connected with your team. That’s great to know! It’s convenient to have feedback grouped in a way that makes it easy for you to dig around in and dive deeper for insights.


Idea blog_6_Text sentiment insights_positive.png

 Idea blog_7_Text sentiment insights_comments.png


You’re happy to know that your insights keep updating as new responses come in. In the meantime, you save the recommended insights from Forms Ideas, interpret your findings, and prepare a summary and learning deck to send off to your team.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Why I don’t see the “Ideas” entry point from the response page?

A. A form that has more than 10 responses will likely to have the Ideas entry point. This is because we need enough response data to generate interesting ideas. 

For a form that has more than 10 responses, there’s also a chance that you do not have Ideas generated. In such case, it’s because we have not found any meaningful results to show at this point. Please keep collecting responses and come back to check! 


Q. Is this feature available for all languages?

A. Forms Ideas is available for these languages, except for “Sentiment analysis,” which is for English only.


Q. How can I provide feedback?

A. Please share feedback in the Ideas section. You click “like” or “dislike” in the Ideas section. You can also visit Microsoft Forms User Voice and let us know what you think of the Forms Ideas feature. We encourage you to provide suggestions and vote on ideas others have already submitted.

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And no mention on how to disable it tenant wide? Microsoft started inserting intelligent services into various services and products making it a headache for admins to control. Many won't like data being sent somewhere, so we need easy controls, preferably as a toggle in admin center or cmdlet. Don't give us links to Answers forums on how to create GPOs.. 

Not applicable


and I hope "Sentiment Analysis" at Japanese

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I like these new features rolling out and already am seeing customized Thank You message, customize colors and logos which are great and some of the design intelligence with questions, but am looking forward to the new data analyses and wondering when that will be rolling out?  Still like to see a way to send an email response when someone completes the form to the person who completed the form and not just notifying us when one is completed.


@Oleg K Thanks for the feedback. As you can see the entry point is user selected, the design is to make it nonintrusive of the users. If you have concerns, we would love to know your thoughts regarding the admin control.

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My concern is how to disable Ideaas/Insights/Intelligent Services in Office 365 products easily from admin perspective. In this case in Forms.

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Hi All, 

I am working on a self assessment portal and want to use MS forms for same. I have created questionnaire on the form and want to setup response analysis on click on submit button. 

This is to simulate the rules written in Excel based on the answer selected in the cell. 


Appreciate your suggestions / guidance. 




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HI ,I am looking forward to the new data analyses and wondering when that will be rolling out?  

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This does not seem to be working at our institution, when you press the Insights/Ideas button it just continually loads and nothing appears in the pop up box. Any ideas on how to fix this please? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I've tried contacting Office Support on Twitter but I have not received any response for almost a month now. Thanks in advance. 

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On Twitter? You shouldn't expect to get support there. Go to your Admin Center and file an official support request.

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Thank you Oleg. I'll try that avenue instead to try get some support. 

I would have assumed the account named 'Office Support' would have done just that and provided support... never mind! Thanks again for the tip.

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Well, although recently i had more luck reaching to companies on Twitter (Paypal, Zazzle) than through an official support channel. But they are not obligated to provide you support there. Usually they would ask you to create a ticket or email your issue, etc. So it is faster to just start with the ticket.

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Thanks again Oleg! :)

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very interesting feature; is there a chance to export/printout what you get out of the IDEAS preview?