Validation of e-mail address and phone number

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We are (sadly) using Microsoft Bookings and it is still in total BETA status, since most of the basic features a booking system must provide are missing. For us the most pressing issues are:

  1. Validation of E-Mail addresses (by receiving an email with confirmation link)
  2. Validation of Phone Numbers (by receiving an SMS message and having to enter the received code into the system)

Due to lack of these basic functions we are experiencing a high volume of fraudulent bookings with fake e-mail addresses and phone numbers. This is very bad for any business using Microsoft Bookings.

So frankly we are wondering: when will the dev team get back to work and complete this BETA version to something that can be used with serious businesses???

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@Martin Widmer-Phutadon- this is still an issue. Was just asked this morning how we're filtering out bogus info ... and I can't.