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Hi All,

I help to run a local Community Hall (Village Hall) which has 2 rooms for which we take bookings, some of which are regular bookings and some which are more Ad-Hoc such as Parties etc.  We thought Microsoft Bookings would be the ideal solution for handling the various types of bookings but have been struggling to get it to work effectively. 


I have setup the 2 rooms as Room resources in exchange, and as Staff in Microsoft Bookings, so booked events appear on their calendars.


A major drawback is the inability to do recurring bookings so I cannot automatically add in a weekly exercise class etc.


I thought maybe I could work around this by adding the recurring events to the Room's calendar directly, thereby preventing double bookings (this works)..   But now ideally I would like a viewable calendar which shows the recurring events along with the events created with Bookings.


For some reason when I publish the Room's calendar I cannot see any details about the booking itself, all that I see is "Village Hall Booking" which is the Name of the Bookings Calendar, rather than the service which was booked :-



(Badminton on Thursday is the recurring event I created directly in the Room's calendar).


I am viewing the room's calendar by selecting "Open Another Mailbox" from my profile.  Is there something I need to change, e.g. permissions, or is there another way to view the Room's calendar which shows full details?


This is a published view of the Booking Calendar, and this shows the details of the booking service, e.g. hourly booking, or Table Tennis, but it doesn't show the recurring event for the main hall (Badminton) :-





Currently the Bookings App does about 90% of the things we need, but if there is no way of at least viewing repeating events along with actual Bookings then it is a No Go.


Any tips on setting up Bookings for a simple business like us with 2 rooms but with recurring items and an ability to view all the bookings would be greatly appreciated.


Is it possible to "Publish" a view of 2 calendars combined as this may solve my issue?




Alan Sheers



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Did you manage to resolve this issue? We also run a village hall and were thinking of using Bookings to manage hires, but have several recurring bookings that would need to be displayed.


Many thanks,



Afraid not, I didn't receive any response from Microsoft, which is a shame as the product has great potential it just seems very unfinished!