not able to add customer to an existing booking

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Hi, we have been experiencing this issue since late Jan/Early Feb 2024. Symptoms are as follows:


  • When we create a booking and add customers (1 or 100, does not matter), it works fine. booking created, customers received booking confirmation and teams link, etc.
  • HOWEVER, editing an existing booking, and add another customer (e.g. customer 101), it fails to update booking. clicking on update booking DOES NOT close the box. closing the box will be prompted if we want to discard changes or cancel.
  • Clicking discard changes, and go back to the same booking will show customer 101 is actually added there BUT customer 101 DID NOT receive booking confirmation/teams link.
  • If i then edit and remove customer from existing booking, affected customer will receive cancellation notice.

This is very frustrating. Hopefully someone know how to fix this, or is this an existing bug with Microsoft booking? We tried all sort of browsers and none of them works.

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Hi there, I have been having exactly the same experience so I am watching this with interest to see what the fix is for it.