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Hello! I am encountering a new error with MS Bookings that I have not encountered previously. I am wondering if there were any changes made to Bookings recently that can explain what is happening.


I am sending out single-use links to multiple people for a Private Booking I have created. The goal is for individuals to book a 1:1 meeting with me using my availability. In the past, I have sent the same single-use link to multiple people at once (through a single email) and have had no issues.


Now, once one person books from the link, no one else is able to use the link. At least, I believe this is what's happening. The error is not encountered when using a normal link.

I use the one-time link option because it is the best fit for my work. We do not want people to be able to reopen to same link and rebook times at their whim. Due to this, the one-time use links end up being the best option.


Some troubleshooting methods I have tried on my own:

  • Recopied the link and sent it again to an individual. They were still met with an error.

  • I have copied a single-use link for each individual, sent them their own unique link separately, and still they were not able to book any times.

  • I have made a duplicate of the original Private Booking, attempted to copy that link and send it to ONE individual, and still it resulted in an error.


Thanks in advance!


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