Microsoft Bookings: Staff reschedule or cancel option

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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to set up staff in the bookings portal, I'd rather not have to assign them as administrators on the staff page. But I need them to be able to cancel or reschedule bookings. Is this possible from the visitor or admin privileges in Microsoft Bookings?


I find it weird that customers can cancel bookings but staff don't have the option that I can see from the default, or is there a setting I'm missing?






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That is a bit weird. You can do that by going to calendar>click on that specific appointment>cancel/edit.


Hope that helps.

Hi Chris, I am facing the same issu but I am new with MS Bookings. Did you find out if it is possible for the staff membres to cancel an appointment ?
Thank you very much !

I am also finding that users get a 'Reschedule' button but when they click on it they can only make a new booking. The 'Cancel' and 'Reschedule' buttons have disappeared. 
I check my settings and users are allowed to amend their own bookings. This didn't use to be an issue. Is it perhaps related to the new design changes?

@kei633755 I am getting the same issue.  When an admin books a session for a client the client cannot reschedule.  They get the option to manage the boking but can only book a new session.  If the client books the session originally then they can manage it themselves and reschedule.

Seems like an option is missing for Admin booked appointments.


I am getting the same issue. The client tried to reschedule and only had a option to book a new appointment. The original appointment was not deleted. Do you know if it has been fixed or if a fix is on the way?