Let customers book timeslot only once

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We are trying to use the bookings tool to let customers book a guided tour ,

there a multiple staff members who can do the tour , but we can do only 1 tour / timeslot because of the size of the group.


The problem is that now, if multiple staff members are available, the costumers can keep booking during the timeslot until there are no staff members with status available anymore .


Does somebody knows a solution for this problem ?

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What you can do is assign staff members specific time slots by making changes to their working hours.


For example: Working hours

Staff 1 - 9-10 &1-2

Staff 2 - 10-11 & 2-3



To make changes to the staff hours. Go to staff> select specific staff>make changes (right column).


This will allow people to book that particular staff for that time slot. 


Hope that helps.  


we have a similar issue, however assigning working hours to one staff member only is no option for us, unfortunately. Have there been any other solutions implemented/found, recently? I created a thread referring to this one:

Thank you in advance!