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I have found that a user posted a similar request to mine a while back, but the solution offered there is not feasable for us.


Here is our issue:

We are beginning to use this tool to book a 1:1 training session.

We are a (growing) team of trainers for this training session.

We only have one room and one piece of equipment, so we cannot offer more training sessions at the same time.


So each timeslot/training session should only be bookable once, independently of how many users are available. Since we are growing and working in independent teams, it would be not manageable to assign certain timeframes to each employee. Also, since we steadily get appointments, we would artificially limit the available slots if, i.e. my timeslot were suddenly filled with other appointments before being booked, while another trainer were free at the same time.


It would be really helpful, if some option were added to book each timeslot only once, or depending on availabilty of the room AND any employee. I am sure, we are not the only ones with the issue.


Thank you very much :)


Best from Vienna,


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