How to delete a service

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can anyone help me. I was testing Microsoft bookings for our library use. I created several test services that I wish to delete, but there is no delete button. Can you tell me how to do this please? Thanks,

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Aine Meehan

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Same problem here. Anyone know how to do this please?

So weird! It seems that when you have more than one service defined, you can delete them by selecting them from 'Services' (left panel) and hitting their 'trash can' symbol. However, it seems that for some reason or another you cannot delete a service if it's your only/last service (???).


More 'However'.... even when I delete the other services, the original (first one) remains on the screen!! And it remains active too. So I'm still stuck with the original service I wanted to delete. Sigh...


My guess is that I'm not understanding the paradigm behind all of this (happens a lot with me when I try working with Microsoft services).