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Hi all,

For my current position I use MS Bookings to have customers book appointments for training dates. I then use Automate to register this information to a SP list. I used to use a workaround, but since the Bookings connector was released it seems to not contain all the necessary information it used to before. 


Using the new connector i get the following error message I've seen others post as well, but haven't seen a resolution yet.

Staff not part of the booking mailbox.

I am however the sole owner of the bookings calendar as well as the admin on the Automate flow.

Can anyone help shed a light on this? 

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I'm also having this issue! I got this following message:

{"statusCode":404,"headers":{"Pragma":"no-cache","request-id":"bf7f2c76-dfe5-4780-a011-774035c49b73","client-request-id":"bf7f2c76-dfe5-4780-a011-774035c49b73","Request-Context":"appId=cid-v1:5433826f-7ec4-4f03-bc7c-79c851c469ff","Access-Control-Expose-Headers":"Request-Context","Timing-Allow-Origin":"*","x-ms-apihub-cached-response":"false","x-ms-apihub-obo":"true","Cache-Control":"no-cache","Date":"Tue, 23 Aug 2022 03:50:56 GMT","X-AspNet-Version":"4.0.30319","X-Powered-By":"ASP.NET","Content-Length":"64","Content-Type":"application/json","Expires":"-1"},"body":{"ErrorMessage":"Staff not part of the booking mailbox."}}

@gregorytsai This all seems verty familiar indeed. I've now just tried to work around using the outlook connector and using the shared mailbox calendar, but it just feels like a shame to have to do so with the new Bookings connector in place.

This is frustrating. Lots then complaining of similar. Could this be fixed please or workaround offered?
Those who have managed to get Bookings triggers to work- what is your set up?
Sorry for the bad experience. Can you please raise a support issue? This will bring it to our radar and we will be able to look into this.
Can you please let me know if there are more than 10 staff members in your calendar?
Can you please let us know if there are more than 10 staff members in your calendar? @dagspot1976

@Vignesh_Kailas There are only 8 Staff members on my calendar

We have 51 staff members in our calendar (myself included)
3 people
Thanks for the response. It is possible to have more than one email address for your exchange user account. Can you please tell me if that is the case with the account you are using to create a flow? If yes, then can you try creating a connection with your other email address. @dagspot1976 @KBoertien @gregorytsai
@gregorytsai we do have an issue with calendars that have more than 10 staff configured. A fix for that will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile can you try the other workaround I had tagged you in.

@Vignesh_Kailas I do not have multiple emailadresses to my exchange account, nor do any of the other users in my bookings calendar

Do you have a different office 365 account to your Bookings staff email address?
I am experiencing the same issue - therefore the automate connector is different to admin user account

I have the same "Staff not part of the booking mailbox." -error.

In my organisation we have 2 email addresses per user:
1. username @
2. firstname . lastname @

In the bookings calendar where I am the owner, I see my email listed as: firstname . lastname @
In Power Automate, it shows the connection to the bookings connector is using: username @

This is the same issue I am facing.

By looks of it MS Bookings will use full email (Firstname . Lastname @ whereas a connector in PowerAutomate will use username @ There is no way to use the other on each platform from testing I've done.


Has anyone got a solution to this?

Just a FYI, to save others' time.


I tried the newly visible "Integrations" -menu option found in the booking calendar menu, but it only links to the Bookings connector -webpage within the Power Automate -website.

Regardless, I continued to create the Power Automate flow, but it failed and produced the same error message: {"ErrorMessage":"Staff not part of the booking mailbox. Count of available staff: 1"}




@pstockley: "Count of available staff: 1" Is this correct? Do you have only one staff in your business?
If yes this error can be because there can be multiple email addresses configured to your exchange account.

Good morning @Vignesh_Kailas 


There is only 1 person in the particular booking calendar that I am testing the Power Automate connector with (the 1 person is myself as the booking calendar owner).


There are many booking calendars in use within the orgnisation