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anyone knows if there's a possibility in Microsoft Bookings to make the option to select staff mandatory and|or disable the option to select anyone?


I want to avoid that costumers make an appointment with all staff that's available at a certain point. This is what happens when you don't select a certain staff member but leave the option to -Anyone-.

The system creates multiple appointments with all staff available during the selected time slot.


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Disable (unclick) the "allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking" in the "Service Details"/Setup page.

@GMSHP Thanks Gladys but that's not what I am looking for. I want to give my students the option or even better make it mandatory to select a specific person at the same time I want to disable the option that they can select -Anyone- [at the top of the selection pane] 

If the student doesn't select a particular staff member and leaves the option to -Anyone- the system creates an appointment with ALL available staff for that particular time slot i.e. creates double bookings.

@Johanna_KrijnsenHi Johanna. Have you been able to find a way to do this? I'm having the same issue. Thanks.

@Johanna_Krijnsen Any luck with this, I too want to remove the 'anyone' option.


Hope someone clever has found the solution.

@OTHCGuidance , @Johanna_Krijnsen , @Jason-OAT  - I would contact support. The "Anyone" option should not book every staff member, it should result in Bookings randomly picking one available staff member and assigning it. When I try this in our tenant (with assigned and unassigned staff), it works as designed and schedules just one staff member for the appointment.


Removing the Anyone option to force the customer to choose an individual is probably something you want to vote on on UserVoice. I found two posts requesting this ...



To remove the "Select Staff (Optional)" prompt from your booking page, you need to do 2 things:
1. Disable (unclick) "Use the default online scheduling policy".
2. Disable (unclick) "Allow customers to choose a particular staff for booking"

@Jason-OAT any luck with this removing anyone from staff in bookings?


A work-around would be to provide this list of agents on a separate webpage; and have each agent assigned a service/link on the MS Bookings.