Different locations at different times

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Hi all, I saw some older posts about this but there didn't seem to be any solutions, and the cases weren't quite the same. Hoping there have been some updates or someone has a creative workaround for this! 

We were very excited to be given access to MS bookings, after pushing out IT dept for it for months. We run an appointment service for students, and currently have been booking them in manually after they fill out a form. 

However, when I've gone to set it up, I have run into a problem. We are now hybrid workers, so we have some time on campus and some at home. So we have online appointments at some times, and in-person at others. This is different for each staff member. 

Is there any way of setting a specific location for different times, within the same calendar? I found that I could set  up a service for "online" and one for "in-person" however not all staff would be available for online/ in person appointments at the same times. So this would require having separate services for online and in-person appointments for each memeber of staff individually. As we are a team of 6, this would mean students  having to potentially trawl through 12 calendars to find a slot. Not exactly user friendly. 

Any ideas or workarounds? I can't imagine we are the only people who now work in this hybrid way, or even the only ones to need to set staff availability to specific locations at specific times. Maybe forms just isn't the solution we had hoped for. 

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@UniSam3892 thanks for the feedback, we are looking into this to see how the scenarios can be accommodated. In the meantime, you might be able to convey finer availability details to students through the additional information section for the service. This gets included in the email that gets sent to attendees.
Thanks for this. Unfortunately the idea of conveying it in the additional information section wouldn't work for us. We have 6 members of staff, all of whom will be available for either in person or online appointments at different times, and often changing week to week. If a student booked the wrong type of appointment, for example in person, at a time when that staff member is working from home, we would not be able to fulfil it. Therefore being able to set staff availability at certain locations (or at least for online/offline) at set times is a necessity. Thanks.