Customer with personal Microsoft account gets: "you don't have access to this booking calendar"

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I created a private link to book a meeting with me. This link works fine in an incognito browser as Guest and also with a MS 365 school/business account.

However, if someone logs in with a personal Microsoft Account ( account), the user gets the error: "You do not have access to Bookings with me".


This is a big issue as many users are logged in with their personal microsoft account and therefore, they only see this error page.

Any ideas how to fix it?

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update: it seems that this issue is fixed now

@arecrx It seems that it not solved globaly. I still have this problem

I found the cause for my, at least, problem.
It was caused because i got the URL from bookings page by "Add to email signature".
That produced an email like address removed for privacy reasons?anonymous&ep=si...
That doesn't work. while the following works address removed for privacy reasons?anonymous&isano...

We are having the same issue. Any fix for this? I have tried generating the booking link several different ways and they all lead to that error if you use a personal MS account or a MS account that is outside of your org.