Bookings not showing all staff availability

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I have published a Bookings page for a staff of 10. Only the FIRST available session for SOME staff show for each day they are available to work. So, if I have a 10:00 AND 11:00 session available, only 10:00 shows to my customers UNTIL the 10:00 is booked.

I have deleted and reset the staff profiles. I have added a new service and deleted the old one. I have checked all settings, and made sure that buffer/booking lead times are not a problem.


Please advise. URGENT

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@Brenden Kendall 


Did you ever get this figured out? I'm having the same issue. 

Nope. Just created a new Bookings site. Laborious and unnecessary, unfortunately. @Microsoft... Hello?

when you created the new site how did you get around this issue ? i have it too@Brenden Kendall 

The problem has simply not reoccurred since I started the new page (going on 6 months + now, at least). Sorry not to have a more nuanced workaround!

You may get away with deleting all staff (download booking data to date first!) and then re-adding them....

That way, you preserve the info re: each service.

@Brenden Kendall I was having the same issue until I went into Service and clicked all of my staff as being assigned to the service type.