Bookings Generate Wrong Meeting Link in Teams App

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I created a calendar and a service using Microsoft Bookings. This service is created for the use of company employees and I am not sharing it with an external audience. When someone books my calendar using Microsoft Bookings, both me and the respective person, get an email notification and it also gets updated in our respective calendars.


The challenge is that I (whose calendar is booked using Microsoft Bookings) get the correct link in the Teams app while the person who books the calendar gets an incorrect link starting from


It seems like the Teams app doesn't support this link, hence, the person who booked the meeting using Microsoft Bookings is forced to use either the link received through an email notification or an Outlook calendar (browser). Also, using either of the mentioned methods, one can join the meeting but only through the Teams browser and not the Teams app.

Because I am using Microsoft Booking for the employees of my company, it is difficult for me to explain to every employee about this challenge. Most of the employees are using the Teams app. They either end up leaving the meeting or create another meeting at the end.

I want to fix this. Can someone help me here?

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Hello Vaidehi,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We have fixed this bug from the bookings side. Please let us know if you continue to face this issue. Please include the build number where you see this issue:

To get the build number:

While creating the booking, please keep the inspector window open on your browser (Control+Shift+I). Go to the network tab. Filter the calls using the keyword "svc". Select any API. Go to the Preview tab->Header->MajorBuildNumber, MinorBuildNumber
PS: If possible capture the HAR trace.

For @vaidehisingh, was the issue fixed for you?

From 2/19/22-now (2/23/22) we are having the same issue with our bookings.

@Aswin940 I am having the same problem.  I just tried today, the problem is not fixed. 

I am also having the same problem, in August 2022. I cannot recreate the instructions you provided to get a build number.

Our service booking page generate multiple meeting links for the same group meeting too. This has been a standing unpredictable issue for over a year now.