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Hey there,


I am currently setting up Bookings calendars for our office and I'm having some issues with email notifications. 

I made the employee who's calendar it is as the admin, but for some reason our boss is getting email notifications of appointments being made and such even though he isn't on that calendar at all.


Could this be because he is the head admin overall for our office?



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@Enfleck18 can you please check what is set under Business information -> Send customer replies to? All appointments made on the calendar will trigger an email to this email address. Also, if the staff has any email forwarding or delegate permissions setup, that could also result in the email getting forwarded to another address.

@davisjr thanks for responding!

The "customer replies to" was set to the email it was set to the persons email for that calendar.


Found out that it's a checkmark box that was checked that doesn't need to be. 

If you go into a calendar go to:

  • Booking Page tab
  • Click Default Scheduling Policy 
  • Go to Email Notifications
  • Uncheck the box that says "Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed."

Unchecking that box will still allow the person who's calendar it belongs to, to receive email notifications for any bookings made or changed. But it will leave the head admin out of it so they don't get bombarded with email notifications of a calendar they don't belong on or need any notification for.