Bookings broke after changing the domain

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Dear community,


I recently changed my primary domain in Office 365 due to a marketing focus shift. Before, I setup the bookings function and was tremendously happy using it. Unfortunately, since changing the domain, bookings doesn't work anymore. For some weeks now I trouble shot with official support hotlines, but nobody seems to be willing or able to help...  


When opening the bookings-website, I see the regular start screen which sais "Good morning Kai Gondlach", so the correct name is being displayed. Every other detail page is not available anyhow. When I click on the calendar page e.g., an error message pops up and sais "Your request cannot be processed at present. Please try again later." I can't change and save any information, incl. adding staff (which is basically me and a freelance assistant).


Before I changed my domain, everything worked out super fine. My primary email address was and the linked domain address ( The onmicrosoft-address is still an alias in the O365 Admin section, but I shifted the primary email address zu 


Is there any way to 1) find out what exactly went wrong and 2) solve the issue? 


Thanks in advance, all the best regards



PS: I'm afraid of changing settings without trouble shooting with experts. My IT level is somewhere between amateur and experienced due to some programming activities a decade ago or so. I'm able to use PowerShell, e.g.

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@Gondlach the same problem here... but we did not change the primary domain.

ms support are not able to help

Hey Gondlach, 


I had a similar issue once before. Then I remembered that when you create a Booking Calendar it also creates a user account in Microsoft 365 Admin Center's Active Users Portal. From there I was able to change the domain of the active Booking's User to match my primary domain. 365AdminUser.png


Hope that helps! 

@David_Swenson I gain access to O365 through GoDaddy which does not give me access to the M365 Admin center. I do however have azure. Is there an alternative workaround to your method of changing the domain? GoDaddy cannot seem to help me with this. 

I did this and all of my booking info disappeared. I no longer have services or anything showing. Is there a way to get this information back? @David_Swenson