Bookings automatically confirms my new meetings to the customer

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When a customer makes a new booking with me - they receive the first confirmation mail to let them know that the booking is sendt. 

Then directly after they get an email saying - meeting is ok and confirmed from the host. 
But I never confirmed the booking as an admin. 

What have I missed? Can I "ok" the booking to trigger this last mail? Or is it always confirmed automatically? 

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@pernilla89 Bookings appointments (calendar invites) are auto accepted for the staff against whom the appointment is booked. This is expected behavior as the available slots are displayed to the customer based on the configuration of the Bookings admin/staff and the slot needs to be honored for the customer who is booking the appointment.






Thank you! :) 

I found these emails as duplicate and a bit redundant. But then I know how to manage!

Thank you for your response :)