Booking Link Bad Request on cellphone

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Hi All,


We have a problem with the Booking link and when we sent a link to our clients, they can not open it on their cell phones. All of them got a bad request result, we try some solution link shortening booking link by TinyURL but it does not work. Is there anything that I can do to fix it or make it work properly? 

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- Same problem here. Did you ever figure out a solution, or any kind of work around? The booking links are ridiculously long.



No solution so far. The workaround I think of is publicizing the booking link under our website.

Interestingly, I just discovered that part of our issue is the platform that we're using to send the link to our customers. If I send the link using a messenger type app, it fails when opened on mobile. If I send the exact same link via email, it works.
Sure, the same with me. That is why I have to use our website to the public the link. Thanks for your response.



I know little of such things, but in testing I discovered that some of my booking links WERE working on mobile, after being shortened. The difference in the ones that worked, vs the ones that didn't was that the ones that worked had URLS that ended with "&ep=plink"

Adding this suffix to the Booking link before shortening the URL fixed the problem for me - don't ask me why haha.  I hope it works for you too!

@Steve_HazeltineVielen Dank! Das funktioniert