Word spacing problem

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I have a word document from a client. I had to reformat the document size, font and point size. When reformatted, I have random instances where words are running into each other. Every instance of this is at the end of a line on the original document, possibly indicating there was a soft return there? Strange thing is that when I show the non printing characters it clearly shows that there is a spaceband between the words yet the words still run together. Does anyone know to to get around this, the document is 300 pages long.OriginalOriginalFormattedFormatted

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It appears that the alignment of the text is justified. Try changing to Left Aligned and then back to Justified and see if that overcomes the issue.


Hi Doug

Thanks for your reply. The issue was extremely condensed spaces between some of the words, no idea how it happened but it has been sorted.


Thank You.