Windows 11 Pro with Office 365 Business Premium

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We are looking at buying new PCs with Windows 11 Pro installed, and have Office 365 Business Premium as a cloud based solution.


I believe O365 Premium comes with Azure AD P1, will this control users login into their PCs like a local Server with AD would?

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If I Understand you correctly, you want to use your Azure AD identities to sign-in to the laptop? You can use the Azure AD Join / Sign-in feature, but to really control the Windows 10/11 Device, I would say look to Intune (EMS licensing or M365 Licensing). You can then set policies that will only allow users in the Azure AD who are licensed to sign-in to a device and a bunch of other valuable bells and whistles.

Not sure how relevant this is anymore, but yes, you are correct. Microsoft 365 BP ("Office" is deprecated) includes AAD P1, which does exactly what you describe and much much more. An Entrerprise license is definitely NOT required for your needs.