Which plan do I need?

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Apologies for the potentially simple question but I can’t find a definitive answer to this.

I run an old Exchange server for my family (4 user) using my own domain and hosted DNS provider (not GoDaddy).

I need existing Outlook desktop, webmail and multiple mobile device access (pref. using the device built-in email client) to each mailbox.

I don’t particularly need cloud or desktop apps, I don’t need Teams or any collaboration (beyond the mailbox calendar). OneDrive would be a nice-to-have. I am comfortable making any necessary DNS changes so that’s not a barrier to entry.

Can I achieve the above with the Family plan* (my preferred option based on cost/user) or do I need a ‘business’ plan at which point Exchange Online is probably cheaper?

*I’ve not been able to confirm if you can use custom domains/DNS with the family plan or if you can but it has to be hosted with GoDaddy (I do not want to move my domain).

Thanks for any assistance.
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The Family plan does offer the custom domain names, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/get-a-personalized-email-address-in-microsoft-365-75416a5...

Only GoDaddy is supported though at this point in time. So if you do not want to move away from your current domain registrar, this isn’t an option.

Getting one of the less costly Microsoft 365 for business plans might be a good idea, but will always be more expensive as you would have to license each user. If you also need access to the desktop apps, you’re already stuck with Business Standard at minimum.