What is Microsoft Delve and is it worth using?

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Hi All,


I have recently seen I have an app in my Microsoft Office 365 called Microsoft Delve.

It looks like an app to just view some information about yourself and document you have recently worked on. 

This surely can't be all it does? 

Appreciate any feedback and guidance.


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Hi @DSB29,


Delve is an app included in Microsoft Office 365 that allows you to manage your employee profile information.


A big part of Delve's experience is that is brings together content such as documents, conversations, and profile information, from across Microsoft 365 into a single place.


It does this by using the Microsoft Graph.


The Microsoft Graph is like an engine that allows all your Microsoft 365 applications (and external applications when permitted) to share data with each other. The Microsoft Graph is like the glue that connects together the various applications in the Microsoft 365 suite.


When you update your employee profile in Delve, it makes those changes in the Microsoft Graph, which allows all the other Microsoft cloud tools that you use such as Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint, to also make use of this updated profile information.

You can have a look at our step-by-step guide on how to update all the different areas in Delve to enrich your Microsoft 365 profile and make Delve more useful to you and your team.

Read guide here: 
How To Update Your Employee Profile In Microsoft Delve


Hope this helps.